Zebrano Garden Furniture – Reader Questions Answered

One of our readers came to us with a question regarding Zebrano garden furniture, asking about the suitability of their product for their newly restructured outdoor living space and unfortunately we were unable at that time to be able to provide them with an answer that would allow them to take immediate solace in our experts knowledge of the home

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Kitchen Design – Dare To Be Different

John Roberts is one of our home kitchen experts and comes to us with over 20 years of experience in creating stylish kitchens that have broken the mould of traditional design. As the owner of a kitchen renovation company, John has taken even the worst planned kitchens and re-created them in line with modern era decor styles, not being afraid

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Garden Chairs – 5 Contemporary, Modern Designs

When the sun comes out and you really want to enjoy the stress free environment that you have created within your outdoor living space, there is literally no better feeling that being able to crack open a bottle of your favourite wine and take the weight of every day life off your feet. Traditionally the garden chair selection has been

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Get Cleaner Lines From Paint Tape With This Trick

Brandon Johnssen is an interior designer that has worked on thousands of projects for clients in the London area, however he wanted to speak out and offer up some professional advice for those that are looking to start a new DIY project. Here he shares with us a trade secret that guarantees a professional finish on your next multi-shade painting

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Grow Dahlias Like A Professional

Joesph Johnson is back again with his wealth of experience and knowledge to give you the full run down of what you need to know when you are planning to grow Dahlias. His 15 years as a landscape gardener mean that he knows the tricks of the trade to make your garden a sanctuary… Exhibition Dahlias do not just happen…

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Curved Rattan Sofa Sets – Work With The Shape You Have

As the summer sun continues to beam down and the evenings continue to deliver long-standing light that enables the UK to indulge themselves in their own garden paradise, whether that be alone or with friends, the garden furniture trend continues to gather pace as Rattan furniture becomes one of the most sort after outdoor living accessories of the season. Previously

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