Garden Rooms, Garden Office or Summer House?

If you are looking to add a little more feature focus to your garden then the current trend of transforming your garden into a functional living space could well be what you are looking for, but with the raise of garden buildings such as garden rooms, garden offices and summer houses, our expert Lynsey Jenkins gives her thoughts. Sometimes when you

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Shade Gardening 101 – The Ultimate Guide

A Definitive Guide to Shade Gardening While it is true that a majority of ornamental plants and nearly all edible plants are best suited to full sunlight conditions, there are many others that are naturally adapted to forests and low-light conditions. But there’s far more to a successful shade garden than simply choosing from a list of shade-adapted species. The

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Compost – The Herb Gardeners “Black Gold”

Our herb garden expert  Robert Kasper is about to explain to you how one of the most valuable gardening items is grown in your own garden, organically and without hours of tending or pruning… Organic compost. Compost is made up of decomposed organic material. It’s called “Black Gold” by most gardeners because it is a powerhouse of nutrients and microbes. You

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Zebrano Garden Furniture – Reader Questions Answered

One of our readers came to us with a question regarding Zebrano garden furniture, asking about the suitability of their product for their newly restructured outdoor living space and unfortunately we were unable at that time to be able to provide them with an answer that would allow them to take immediate solace in our experts knowledge of the home

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Kitchen Design – Dare To Be Different

John Roberts is one of our home kitchen experts and comes to us with over 20 years of experience in creating stylish kitchens that have broken the mould of traditional design. As the owner of a kitchen renovation company, John has taken even the worst planned kitchens and re-created them in line with modern era decor styles, not being afraid

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